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Rehab Treatment Programs In Barboursville WV

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Family Recover Program

We’ll provide your family members with valuable knowledge about the disease of addiction



Group Therapy Program

We encourage you to speak out about your problems and interact with people faced with addiction


12 Step Program

This rigorous 12-step program is the essential guideline for beating addiction in a highly effective way.


Primary Program

Our medical staff and volunteers will provide you with the tools for making a long-lasting positive change


As a family therapist, I should say that the support from family and friends is an integral part of rehabilitation. Family members are doing a great job here playing a large role in addiction recovery by helping focus on the step-by-step sobriety of their loved ones.

Anna Olson 

 I won’t tell you that the recovery was instant. It took tremendous work from both sides – us as a family and the doctors. Now my son and husband are in steady remission. I urge everyone who has problems with drugs or alcohol to seek help Please, be sure that their medical staff and volunteers will provide you with the tools for making a long-lasting positive change. 

Ella Johnson 

My elder brother was a drug addict two years ago. He did recover and is now living his life at fullest. He got admitted to a medical college, and he’s planning on helping people who have similar problems. Thank you for everything you’re doing!..

Maria Ferguson 

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